Kosei Infrared Grill

The #1 Yakitori/Robata Grill in the world

Long-selling, high reputation, suitable for any kind of grilled food. The results are dramatic and delicious.

Made In Japan

Approved for use in North America

Intense Heat - Infrared

Instead of relying on hot air to transfer heat to food, the grill uses gas to heat special Kosei Rods, which then radiates, or emits, infrared waves directly to the food.

By radiating infrared waves directly into food, there is less drying so food will retain more moisture leading to delicious results.

Optional Charcoal Use

With Kosei Yakitori / Robata Grills you can use traditional charcoals. It gives off heat as hot as Binchotan, the highest grade charcoal in the world.

Binchotan is the perfect charcoal for barbecuing due to its long steady burning properties & high intense heat. There is no smoke and it is completely odorless when burning.

Super Easy Cleanup

Without using any tools, the grates & infrared panels come out very easily, this makes the grill very simple & convenient to clean. Incomparable to any other commercial grill.

Useful tip: you can always leave the heat on for couple of minutes and brush off the cruds.