Asian / Ethninc Specialty Equipment

Japanese restaurants resonate with those beautiful sushi rolls with perilla leaves, nigiri with fresh salmon meat slice on crystal shining rice, yakitori skewers with delicious sauces dripping on the plate. Ramen noodle with colourful seafood soup in a black big bowl. We do have machines to make all of that delicious food: the Suzumo robotic sushi machines including rice mixer, rice sheeter, sushi roll maker, sushi cutter, the nigiri maker, rice washer, rice dispenser which make Suzumo the rice expert, the gas-consuming infrared Kosei grills make those skewers crispy outside, juicy inside. The semi-auto 3 in 1 Yamato ramen noodle machines are able to squeeze the flakes of flour into noodles you expected. The soft cutting boards offered by Hasegawa protect the expensive knives of sushi chefs. The other small ware of Japanese restaurants like those cutting board lifters, sushi roll mats, oshizushi press, the non-slip mat will make your work even easier. The conveyor belt or monorail running in the restaurant make the modern restaurant even more fun and attractive to kids and adult. All those machines and equipment will make your kitchen and restaurant more outlandish and attractive.