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PureRange Enterprises Ltd. was established as a restaurant equipment supplier in Vancouver lower mainland in 2007, through 15 years hard-working, PureRange has become one of the most stable, reliable, trustworthy company in commercial kitchen equipment which is supported by various North American brand products like True, Garland, Hobart, Vollrath, Pitco, etc as well as the most famous Japanese restaurant supplier as Suzumo, Yamato, Hasegawa, Taiji, etc. The company is keeping on our track of providing our customers with more service, more information, more help in commercial refrigeration, food cooking, food preparation, food holding, dishwashing, ice making, beverage making with more competitive prices.

Company overview

Our nice Purerange office has smallware department, showroom, warehouse and conference room which are prepared for the best service to our customers.


Dedicated area for selling smallware products


Dedicated area for selling smallware products


Huge inventory of products

Conference Room

FoodSafe, Ramen master class are held periodically.

Happy customer says

We visited 3 dealers in town and finally picked the folks at PureRange food equipment. Compared to other places, they are very knowledgeable.
We like the fact they do not sell cheap equipment as this is our first restaurant and want to do it right. This is a company that knows their product, as they explained in detail the difference between different models and brands. Now, both my husband and I are not technical by any means so at times it was a little overwhelming, but it sure gave us a lot of confidence.
Just before opening we had to have an inspection. Wes at PureRange always told us to test the equipment at least a few days before the inspection. Of course our construction was delayed, and this simply was not possible. We tested the equipment a few hours before the inspection and there was a problem with one of the coolers. We called Wes, and literally after getting off the phone an hour later their tech came. That's service for you!
Could not believe how quickly Jason their tech came. Turned out it was a minor problem. We passed the inspection and everything else went smoothly.
They are knowledgable, friendly, the best service and of course great prices! Thank you PureRange.

- Dave Rose - at the google maps reviews