Exhaust Hood / Ventless

A commercial exhaust hood keeps temperature and moisture in the kitchen and create a comfortable working environment for your employees.  For filtering grease and steam from your kitchen devices, regularly checkup your hoods and cleaning is essential. 

Ventless hood is one of the best solutions for the restaurant or cafe which does not have the hood before or does not use that much ventilation for the food they cook. The ventless recirculation system makes the kitchen much more versatile as more cooked food could be served in that non-ventilated kitchen. They are usually divided into type 1 (grease type) or limited type 1 (with greased vapour) hood or type II hood which mostly vapours, heat, moisture and order is to be removed.

Looking for Commercial Hood Repair service?

We do commercial hood repair.   Over time exhaust hoods need to replace fan motor or timing belts.   Without a working hood, it can be detrimental to operating your restaurant.   At PureRange we can change motors and fan belts.
Please visit our repair service page and contact us! PureTech Refrigeration - Hood Repair Service